Fishing in Statesboro

March 5, 2010

Fishing in Statesboro is just getting started now that the weather is beginning to become warmer. There are many ponds, creeks, and rivers to choose from around the city but the problem is finding one with an abundance of fish. Often times scouting is required days prior to the actual fishing to ensure a great day out. Also a major factor in the amount of fish one catches is due to the size and color of the lure chosen. Much of the water around Statesboro is very dark and full of hydrilla, or a fast spreading aquatic weed. This makes catching fish much more difficult. A bright colored lure with much gleam and shine is required in order to catch the fish’s attention in this dark water. Also a lure that sends out many vibrations in the water is ideal due to a fish ability to hone in on where the vibrations are coming from and going. A great place to find an abundance of large bass would be behind a causeway or a dam. The fish feed in the rough and torrent waters because it is much harder for the smaller bait fish to get away and they often times get stranded the currents. The varieties of bass in Statesboro range from Large Mouth, Small Mouth, Shoal Bass, Red-Eye Bass, and Hybrid Bass in the many creeks and rivers. So when fishing in Statesboro, Georgia; to catch fish remember to find rough water, scout days in advance, and use bright and shiny lures to ensure a great day of fishing and a full stomach that evening.


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February 23, 2010